Whether you intend to sell your property or use it as collateral for another property purchase, Maggie Burke Real Estate’s evidence-based market appraisal will compare your property with comparable properties in the area. It will look for the over-arching selling feature which will make your property stand out from the rest.


The first step in any selling journey is a carefully considered decision to put a property on the market.


How much should you ask for? Will you do open homes?  We work with you to decide the right strategy to sell your home.


On how many websites should you list your home? Do you want a feature ad? Do buyers even look at newspapers anymore?


Preparing your home for sale takes a lot of effort. Our free staging consultant simply puts the icing on the cake!


Regardless of your motivation for selling your property, several factors must be considered before going to the market.

At Maggie Burke Real Estate, we approach each property transaction with sensitivity and look closely at each seller’s situation to see whether selling is indeed the best decision. We aim to be your agent of choice, whether the time is now or later.


Things get very real the moment an agent officially lists your home.

Years ago, listing your home meant putting a ‘for sale’ sign in the front garden and an ad in the local paper, but now it’s all about online advertising and sales strategy.

To determine a realistic and achievable price, Maggie Burke Real Estate will compare your home with similar homes sold recently in your area, also taking into account the unique features and benefits of your home.

From here, we work closely with you to select a suitable sale method, advertising and marketing strategy, and how we will manage negotiations with prospective buyers.

If you are interested in finding out what price your home could achieve, click on the button below, take a minute to tell us about your property, and we will contact you.


Having a house on the market is no good unless the right people know it’s for sale!

Before marketing, we make recommendations regarding how to best present your property for sale and include a complimentary professional staging service.

Advertising your home typically includes professional photography, a photographic signboard and a comprehensive marketing campaign covering online, social, and sometimes print media. Other professional services might include aerial photos, a digital floorplan and copywriting.

The associated costs are outlined in detail, so there are no surprises, and are generally paid upfront – prior to the marketing commencing.

Our team prides itself on our level of communication and attention to detail. We use only carefully selected professional photographs, and our descriptions are crafted to highlight each property’s unique potential.


Our intention is not to critique your furnishing style; rather, it is to determine how we can enhance the appeal of your home.

Professional property stylists know how to emphasise a property’s best features and understand what makes a property different to others.

Strategic positioning of furniture, appropriately coordinated bed linen, throws and cushions, and the size and colour of lamps are all critical.

It has been proven time and time again that professionally staged homes sell faster and achieve significantly higher prices than unfurnished homes. We need to sell the dream!

Windows need to sparkle, cupboards need to be cleaned and sorted, cobwebs need to be removed… while you’re addressing these important jobs our professional stylist will dress your home to impress!