Stage your Home for Maximum Impact!

Every property is unique. Every property has features that separate it from the neighbour’s house, the difference being that when you bring in a Staging Consultant / Property Stylist, they know how to emphasise those features and understand what makes your property the most wanted.

An independent Staging Consultant will bring your home to life in ways you may not have thought of.  Simple things such as positioning of furniture, using appropriately coloured bedlinen and cushions, size of lamps and it goes on and on!

Furnished, staged homes sell faster and achieve higher prices. Many of our Sellers returning to see their homes after staging, just cannot believe the transformation that has taken place and wonder why they had never thought to arrange their furniture as the consultant had.  It is the staging consultant’s job to showcase the lifestyle your property has to offer.

Many people think it’s simply a matter of strategically positioning a few cushions here and there, and yes that is a part of staging, but there is so much more to it that just cushion placement. It is the skill of knowing just how spaces will appear through a photographer’s lens and a keen eye that can see a vision for a room that others may not.

When we at Maggie Burke Real Estate enter your home it is not to critique or criticise – it is to take in everything your home has to offer and to assess, together, how we can make the most of all the rooms, the views and the floor plan!

For a house to become appealing and picturesque, ready for sale, there is much to do. Windows need to sparkle, cupboards need to be cleaned and sorted, cobwebs inside and out need to be gone… and the list goes on.

Preparing your home for sale takes a lot of effort. A staging consultant simply puts the icing on the cake!