Marri-Time in Roleystone

For many years I have observed the seasons in Roleystone and each year I’ve noted that from the first day of February the Marri trees burst into blossom in the Canning Valley making a huge display.

Although it is summertime, the temperature for several weeks seems to be quite gentle creating a pleasant mini season and there is generally some respite from summer heat. Later in the month the heat often returns and late February and March bring the final bite of summer.

Such a spectacular display by nature for several weeks deserves a special name and I have coined it “Marri-time”.

Not only do the Marri trees display their beautiful blossom, they are also the mother of the forests in the Southwest of our state, supplying food for all manner of birds animal and insects.

This fabulous tree deserves greater recognition for its contribution to the ecology of our region. I hope that in the future there will be an annual “Festival of the Marri” at which this wonderful tree and its contribution to us all will be celebrated.

Patrick Weir,
Maggie Burke Real Estate