Local Lunchbar – Renamed and Revitalised!

Preparing meals…What a chore! After a long day at work, coming home and wondering… what’s for lunch tomorrow? and oh dear! …what’s for dinner tonight?!  Bec, of the new BLT Lunchbar has a vision for her new business that will take the burden away of what’s for lunch (and soon dinner!)for the people of Roleystone.

Conveniently located on Brookton Highway, opposite the Peet Road T-junction, and formerly known as CJ’s, is Bec’s new lunchbar, snuggled in between Retro Rescue and the former SoulJahs.  Bec has taken over and after a bit or revamping, is opened for business! Pop in and say hello to her and her bouncy bundle of joy, baby Toby!  There is a range of hamburgers, hot chips (who can resist them?), bacon and eggs, toasties, “home-made” sausage rolls, salads, fresh sandwiches, coffee, cool drinks and snacks.

All the types of temptations you’d be looking for in a lunchbar and the food is served with friendly smiles from Bec and Toby too.
Now that can’t be beaten!

Currently hours are from 6am to 2pm Monday to Friday, but Bec has a surprise up her sleeve.. something a little bit different. She is intending to cook homestyle dinners – extending her opening hours on Monday and Wednesday nights during the winter months providing home style shepherds’ pie, lasagnes, soups casseroles and roast dinners to take home or enjoy in her shop.
Call in on the way up or down the highway and with Bec’s efficiency, you’ll be on your way, hardly missing a beat.

Please help us to welcome Bec, who is offering a fantastic service to our community!