Blue Sky Bread, Roleystone

It’s been a long time coming, but new and interesting businesses are coming to town. Bec’s lunch bar and Annie and Andrew’s ‘Retro Rescue’ in the old Roleystone Village and now ‘Blue Sky Bread’ across Soldiers Road at the rear of the Brackenridge Village!

Well, how nice is this bread? And how good does it look? Quality sourdough which takes 36 hours of fermenting and when it is baking, the smell is amazing!

When you talk to one of the owners, you learn that this is how bread used to be made. Quality ingredients are used with love and caring, with just a few loaves baked at a time.

Simone and the other owners have chosen a few classic recipes to bring you a variety of breads – wheat, rye, multigrain and a beautiful rich fruit loaf. How to choose?

It’s difficult to choose just one, so make sure you bring a bag along.  And these loaves are heavy! When you pick up your choice you will realise that you have bought something substantial.

Treat yourself to bread that you cannot get anywhere else from a local artisan bakery with over 500 Facebook likes and a 5 star review rating and know that you live in a very special part of the world.

Ah, Roleystone –  it’s all about the bread!

Visit Blue Sky Bakery website or better still, pop in and say gidday!